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Secure Your Online Peace Of Mind
Did you know that your computer is currently recording almost every site you visit, every image you have viewed, every link you click and everything that you type both on and offline and that simply emptying your recycle bin or cleaning out your history does not completely remove this hidden data?

Did you also know that if anyone, your spouse, your children, your boss starts to type in a web address your internet browser will pull up a list of ALL the sites you have recently visited, for anyone to see?

Evidence Wipe protects your privacy by removing all of this data and more from your computer, permanently.

Without Evidence Wipe your computer is about as secure as a journal left on a coffee shop table, that just anyone could pick up and start reading. Thousands of people have been fired from their jobs, gotten divorced and even sent to prison based on information collected from their unsecured computers, don't become another statistic.

For a small one time fee, you can get instant unlimited access to our powerful privacy protection software that will remove all deleted files, email traces, chat transcripts, audio file traces, video file traces, internet history, stored cookies, clipboard data, search history's, passwords and so much more that could leave you or your families privacy at risk.

Protect Your Privacy.

Evidence Wipe securely deletes all traces of hidden data and log files that could allow anyone access to your private information including credit card numbers, home address, work address, social security numbers and even the names of your family members and their home addresses, make sure that this information doesn't fall in to the hands of internet criminals.
What Does Evidence Wipe Do?

Clear your auto-complete usernames and passwords to ensure your private data remains 100% confidential.

From recently accessed images and movie files through to confidential documents and emails, Evidence Wipe removes all trace of your recently accessed documents.

By using Evidence Wipe on a regular basis you can actually speed up how fast your PC reacts when opening programs making your PC use much more efficient.

By removing all unwanted stored hidden data on your computer you free up valuable system resources giving you greater storage space.
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"Thanks a Million!"
Your software saved my job.
- Damian, NY

"Simply Awesome Software!"
I run Evidence Wipe all the time I love it.
- Ruth, ME

"I can finally feel safe online!"
Now I know my privacy is secure when I go online.
- Karen, FL
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